Debug Key

Click on the Gradle tab on the right hand side of the Android Studio window.

Go to the Project root folder -> Tasks -> android -> signingReport

UPDATE: (Newer versions) In case you don’t find an android folder here, go to :app instead of root, navigate to Tasks>android and you’ll find signingReport.

Double click on signingReport, this will build with the signingReport and post the SHA1 in the bottom view.



Method 1

In Android Studio, go to Build menu -> Generate Signed Bundle / APK

Select your keystore and key alias.

Copy the key store path and the key alias.

Here, the path is /Users/technofreek/Documents/testkeystore

and the alias is key0.

Open terminal and type the command

keytool -list -v -keystore <your keystore path> -alias <your alias>

For this example, here’s the command

keytool -list -v -keystore /Users/technofreek/Documents/testkeystore -alias key0

This will print your SHA1

Method 2

If you have enabled App Signing for your app in your Google Play Developer Console, by uploading your signing certificate, then just go to your developer console and select your app.

Select Release Management -> App Signing, and you’ll see you release SHA1.