Swift Reverse Geocoding – Get address from co-ordinates using MapBox Geocoder

Mapbox provides a simple tool for geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Before you begin,

Sign up for an account at mapbox.com/signup. Find your access token on your account page.

Open info.plist file and the following key, with value as the access token you received from MapBox in the first step.


Add the pod in your Podfile

pod 'MapboxGeocoder.swift', '~> 0.10'

and run ‘pod install’

Reverse geocoding

import Mapbox
let geocoder = Geocoder.shared
let address = ""

func reverseGeocodeCoordinate(coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D) {
    let options = ReverseGeocodeOptions(coordinate: coordinate)
    geocoder.geocode(options) { (placemarks, attribution, error) in
        guard let placemark = placemarks?.first else {
        self.address = placemark.formattedName
        print(placemark.imageName ?? "")
        print(placemark.genres?.joined(separator: ", ") ?? "")
        print(placemark.administrativeRegion?.name ?? "")
        print(placemark.administrativeRegion?.code ?? "")
        print(placemark.place?.wikidataItemIdentifier ?? "")


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